The Ghosts of the Trianon
and Time Slips

The Ghosts of the Trianon is one of my favorite documented paranormal events ever! I have to admit I am totally captivated by time slips, time travel and anything to do with going backwards (or forwards) through time.

The story of two Edwardian English women experiencing just this at Versailles has always fascinated me and I hope someday to go there myself!  

This is one of the most well documented ghost stories I’ve ever read! It was published in 1911 by two very well educated English women, and that makes the story all the more credible and convincing. 

The book was called An Adventure by Elizabeth Morison and Frances Lamont, and it describes what they experienced on a trip to the Palace of Versailles in Paris on August 10, 1901.

Assumed Identities

The ladies wrote the book under pen names, presumably to protect their professional reputations.  After their deaths, their identities were discovered to be Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain who were Principal and Vice-Principal of St Hugh’s College at Oxford.

Marie Antoinette, via Wikimedia Commons
Louise Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun - Marie-Antoinette dit « à la Rose » - Google Art Project

During their visit to the Palace of Versailles they experienced time slips during which they encountered Marie Antoinette and others of her household as they would have been on August 10, 1789.

But it was 1901!

The queen's Swiss Guards in uniforms of the period were clues to Miss Moberly and Miss Jourdain that they had seen ghosts from a hundred years ago.

At various points in their tour of the Palace grounds they experienced feelings of depression, sadness, and gloom.

Inconsistent Memories of the Same Event

Back at home when they talked about their experiences, the women discovered that they had differing memories of what they had seen at the Petit Trianon, so they decided to write down their memories of the day. 

When they compared notes they discovered that Miss Moberly had seen certain things that Miss Jourdain had not, although many parts were in agreement.

The Anniversary of a Fateful Date

As they continued to dig into the research, they realized the significance of the date of their visit to the Petit Trianon. 

August 10 was the day that Marie and Louis XVI were imprisoned. They had seen Marie Antoinette just before her Swiss Guards were massacred and she was taken away to prison to await her eventual execution.

An Adventure: Ghosts of the Trianon

picture of the Petit Trianon Versailles

In 1902 Miss Jourdain returned to Versailles to refresh her memory and fact check their previous visit, but she was unable to find the places they had seen before.  She became convinced they had seen the grounds as they had been in 1789 rather than as they actually were in 1901.

As they continued their research of what they had seen they were even more certain that they had experienced a time slip and met people from Marie Antoinette's life. 

Some of those people included her Swiss Guards in distinctive green uniforms, a well-known pock marked enemy of Marie Antoinette, and the messenger who brought warnings of the impending doom.

Landmarks and structures they saw were discovered to be not part of the grounds at Versailles in 1901.

It is quite an amazing story and I highly recommend it.

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