Haunted Hospital Hallway

by Brandon
(Temple TX)

Hospital Hallway

Hospital Hallway

This picture was taken at a hospital in Texas that i work at. I know the guy in the picture and he said they were just goofing off in the hallway. He also says they seen nothing until they looked at the pic. It was taken with a cell phone and has no flash. I have tried to recreate the picture many times at different times of the day and cannot get even a reflection in that hallway. Also if you darken the picture it seems like this figure is projecting it own light. Let me know what you think.

(Thanks for the photo Brandon, but I have to say that to me, it looks quite fake. Let's see what Moonslipper's visitors think. ~Siobhan)

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Jan 18, 2011
iphone app
by: Matt the Debunker

I really do believe in the super natural - I find it facinating and I've been pouring over this site ever since I found it.

This is fake and as the user below commented, there is an APP on the iPhone you can add "ghosts" to photographs.

It's going to make debunking that much harder.

A couple of tips I would suggest when looking at photos are as follows:

1) Obviously fake (of course) - Freddy Kreuger or the Scream ghost are clearly fake.
2) WHY would they be taking a picture there? There are thousands upon thousands of pictures out there of ridiculously random shots where "I just happened to be taking a picture of this tree...and there was a ghost!" Or I just happened to snap this picture in the hallway of a hospital and there was a GHOST waving at me! NICE!

3) SMALL PICTURES - especially in this day and age, there is no way you can tell me the tiny 1" x 1" photo is the full resolution. Odds are pretty good they shrunk the photo down to make it look more real.

4) ORBS - ridiculous.

5) Any photo where the person has to circle the ghost or can't easily point out what you're looking at in a sentence or two. A two paragraph back-story and huge explanation as to why that tree bark looks like someone's dead aunt is way overboard.

Again, I'm a believer - I get it. But you're not getting anything from posting fake photos. Look at your pictures from a rational perspective. If it looks like a bug on the lense, it's probably a BUG!! Somethings truly can't be explained, but some of these are just plain ridiculous.

Thanks, Sioban for this site - I would ask the posters to be a little more skeptical when they are considering posting!

BY THE WAY - here's the Ghost App from iPhone:


Nov 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

looks very fake 2 me

Nov 01, 2010
Definatly Fake
by: Anonymous

If you own an Iphone or Ipod, down the app Capture free. Its an application that allows you to add images of ghostly figures to the pictures on your camera roll. That is one of the ghost images they have in their menu.

Jul 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

Ur pic is beyond fake there are no ghosts that look like that Sorry it looks drawn in from a computer but nice try. Take it down so fake why would u bother to put it up here I mean really no life.

May 02, 2010
Hospital Ghosts
by: Anonymous

This is a great photo. I worked in a few hospitals some of them very old dating back to the early 1900's and I've encountered some very odd things during my time at these institutions.
Some will commit on the validity of this photo, but as always there are things out there that can't be explained.

Thanks for the photo

Apr 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

That's a terrible fake picture you have there...pffftttt....

Apr 26, 2010
by: Brandon

i appreciate your comments but please tell me how you think it looks fake? Thats very vage, i mean if you say it looks like "lens flare" or a reflection thats differt but just saying it "looks fake" and "try agian" isn't helpfull nor productive. The reason for posting this was to get peoples opinions on what they think it is not if its real or fake. And whatever is in this picture is real regardless for the simple fact that there IS SOMETHING there we just dont know what or what caused it. I understand that most people are going to immitedly say its not a sprit because its such a perfect apparition. Its funny people will say an orb or noise "can" be spirits but when you capture a full apparition it has to be fake. Why? because its just to perfect. But like i said if you know what it is i would love to know because i can't figuare it out.

Apr 25, 2010
tried to debunk
by: Mr.JD

I tried to debunk the full ghostly image and I can say it appear to me to be a true ghostly spirit, It's Nice capturing a full-bodied spirit.
Thanks for shairing it with us.

Apr 24, 2010
It looks contrived
by: katzy

Hi I'm sorry to say this to you but that really does't look real. It is the least ghostly thing I have ever seen. Try again. Sorry.

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