"Leave Me Alone"

by Genise
(united states)

It was hot on the second floor of my apartment, so I decided to nap on the first floor where it was cool. I was 3 minutes into my nap when I was shook rather forcefully on my left shoulder, this woke me up. When I opened my eyes, I saw a tall, male shadowy figure standing over me, leaning in looking at me.

I was waiting for my eyes to focus so that I could see details, like facial features, type of clothes he had on. It was then that I realized that he was dark, like a shadow, there were no features just a dark presence. I immediately felt dread, doom, fear and an very, very heavy negative energy in the room.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled. The shadow person retreated away and I almost dosed off until I saw him coming back at me, moving very fast, this time I was not afraid. In my mind I classified it as a demon who chose to show his form to me.

I did not know what it wanted from me. I had never ever napped or even was in that downstairs room after dark, this was my first time. I yelled at it again "Leave me alone!! Go back to where you came from!"

It retreated, but I knew that it would come back soon so I darted up the stairs. In the morning I checked the house and all the doors and windows were locked. I was the only one in my apartment.

Years later I heard of shadow people, I wondered was there such thing as a shadow demon?

Seeing this thing was not a surprise to me because I had for years seen the spirits of loved ones at the moment of their death before they were discovered by anyone. I had had feelings of deju vu when I felt I had been somewhere before and I already knew my way around, or I knew something that was going to happen minutes before it happened, or how someone was going to react to something before the something happened.

I saw my sister's death and who killed her and that she was lying in the kitchen of her brownstone apartment, deceased. Two days later she was found in her kitchen deceased she had been there two days...

I felt it when she was no longer with us, I just kept crying and crying and when I was asked why I was crying, I told the family that she had passed away and that she would never open the gifts we had under the tree for her. Two days later New York homicide detectives called our house to give us the news, my family told me "How did you know"? I was 14 yrs old.

I felt the shadow person wanted me to do something, I thought that it was energy from a deceased person. I was never afraid after that.

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