The Monkey Horoscope in
the Year of the Sheep

The Monkey Horoscope this year brings a positive turn for the Monkey sign in the Year of the Sheep.

Here comes a nice change of pace for you, Monkey!

2015 will bring promise, hope and positivity. A welcome respite from past years.

The year will kick off well, if you make the right moves, and you can ride that positivity all the way through the end of the year.

Big changes are coming in future years and you can sense it with anticipation that is practically buzzing in the air.

Avoid the tendency for this to make you restless and instead let it energize you. Clever Monkey can tap that energy and use it to plan for the future.

The Monkey Horoscope: Career Projections

Chinese Zodiac MonkeySign of the Monkey

Find ways to make work more fun and less like work!

Bring all that excess energy into the workplace and your coworkers will love you for it.

Also, Monkeys should spend some time getting to know their colleagues more closely. Making deeper connections in the work place will pay off with advantageous partnerships.

As you work on this practice of becoming a more genuine colleague, be aware of the opposite. You may find yourself surrounded by false people who seek to exploit you.

The Monkey and Wealth Outlook

Unfortunately, Monkey is at risk for thievery this year. This is a good time to go to great lengths to protect your prized possessions.

Otherwise, feel free to spend a little this year, as long as you’ve set aside some safety fund money, feel free to make some little splurges.

The Monkey and Relationships

Love yourself before you can love others.

2015 is a year for Monkeys to show themselves some love. Pamper yourself and you will become magnetic either to your existing partner or to prospective partners, if you are single.

Additionally, those planning a marriage or babies – go right ahead, this is your year!

Health for the Monkey Sign

Anti-mushy Monkeys may feel a little overwhelmed with other people’s problems. Friends and loved ones may seek your advice, since you are known for being so smart, but they may unintentionally burn you out.

Practice deep breathing and meditation to keep your own mind clear from their drama.

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