Orb pictures from Bodmin Jail, Cornwall, England

by Paul Gallagher
(Wigan, Lancashire, England.)

Bodmin Jail empty corridor

Bodmin Jail empty corridor

Bodmin Jail empty corridor
Bodmin Jail corridor one minute later, Sharon and two orbs.
Bodmin Jail cell
Bodmin Jail Cell 30 seconds later with orb visitors.

Hope you'll enjoy these and find them of interest.
A few weeks ago we visited Bodmin Jail in Cornwall, England.
The place was opened up to the public a few years ago and is a fabulously ghostly place. In places you can almost feel the misery that the poor people who were locked up there must have felt, in places there is an overwhelming feeling of hopelesness and whether it is autosuggestion on your brains behalf you can sometimes get a feeling of sadness come over you.

It was a prison from 1779 then later a Naval prison before closing in the 1950's (I think it was the late 50's)

The first two pictures were taken about one minute apart, the first is an empty corridor, then a minute later my partner Sharon walked down the same corridor and it seems she was joined by two orbs.
What you cannot see in the pictures is this. Sharon looks happy, smiling and at ease in the picture, but, as soon as I had taken the picture she quickened her pace and eventually ended up nearly running to me.
When I asked what was wrong she said that she had suddenly felt as though someone was walking beside her.
Obviously we didn't realise how significant that feeling was until we sorted through the pictures later that evening.

The third and fourth pictures were taken in a cell at the jail. The people who now run the jail have put models inside cells to depict the people who had been locked up in them over the years. In this one a young girl had bee sentenced without food or water, she should have died of starvation and dehydration but she never lost a pound and seemed well fed after two weeks. She explained that the fairies were looking after her and feeding her.
Maybe a local myth but it is a fact that some people were sentenced to starvation cells, especially women who many judges were loathe to hang, preferring to sentence them to die by "natural causes" (to ease their conscience maybe?)
Anyway, the two pics were taken 30 seconds apart, the first showing the model of the girl and her fairy freinds. In the second it seems we had some orb visitors.

If you are ever in England, visit Cornwall, a truly magical place.
paulgallagher3 (at)sky.com

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May 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

It's true, Cornwall is a spooky place. We used to holiday down there when I was a kid. But one night my mum saw a ghost girl by her bed, wanting to get in because she was scared. Thinking it was me, she opened the duvet then really looked at the girl and quickly dropped the duvet again. She had piercing blue eyes (mine are bluey green and really dull) and mum could see through her. We've not actually been back since.

I've looked at going to Bodmin Jail, might have to go with a group of friends though; I reckon I'll be too scared to go otherwise.

Nov 26, 2010
Prison Orbs
by: Anonymous

Interesting set of pics.
Did you see the Tomb of the Kings, Paphos pictures which I sent in?
Similar effect caused by my daughter's friend taking a look round, and again she said it was very spooky and chilling even on a warm day.
Seems these sad places are happy to get visitors!
Liz (York, UK)

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