The Ox Horoscope for
The Year of the Sheep

The Ox horoscope for 2015's Year of the Sheep tells us it will be a laid back year for the Ox, so long as you can put your natural stubbornness on the back burner.

This may be a tall order for the notoriously bullheaded Ox.

Flexibility is key for a positive 2015.

The Ox must allow themselves to be carried in the current of the year, flowing downstream always and accepting life’s changes as they happen.

This type of attitude and a healthy dose of positivity will ensure a good outcome for the year.

This is a year to take advantage of travel opportunities, as the change in perspective will be good for you.

The Ox Horoscope for Career in 2015

Chinese Zodiac OxSign of the Ox

You will be offered many new and exciting opportunities this year. Enjoy the ride and choose the options that feel right for you.

Take on any large projects with full Ox intensity and be rewarded for your hard work. Do not let colleagues take advantage of your tendency to accept extra work, however.

Be diligent about when you say ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

The Outlook for Wealth for the Ox Sign

Finances will be steady for you this year, with the possibility of a windfall from a surprising source.

Your practical, down to Earth, nature will encourage you towards financial wisdom and responsibility, and this is the right move. Avoid financial risk in 2015.

This is not your year for risky investments, but rather a year to hold steady.

The Ox and Relationships

The Ox will see a deepening of love in romantic relationships this year, whether they be new or old.

2015 will see you more charming and attractive than ever and your own intense feelings of love towards your partner will make you very devoted, which will be appreciated.

Friendships are in a state of flux this year, as new friends are made and some old friends are lost. 

All changes will be for the better, even if they do not feel as such in the moment.

The Ox Outlook for Health

No major health concerns for the Ox this year, although there is risk for a medical issue with a loved one.

Temper your tendency to take on all the responsibility or risk a breakdown from stress. 

This potential for unexpected medical spending is another reason to keep a conservative hand on your money this year.

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