Padova City's Ghost Orbs

by Michelle Anderson
(Whitehorse Yukon Teritorries)

Padova City Kamloops BC

Padova City Kamloops BC

Padova City Kamloops BC

In the last 10 years I've been kinda obsessed with a place in Kamloops BC.

That place is an old asylum outside town called Old Tranquille, aka Padova City. It was started in 1914 and grew to be more than just a place for people to live till death from tuberculosis.

There were children, men and women with deformities and handicaps and the mentally insane. It became a self contained city outside Kamloops.

A lot of mistreatment and assaults occurred there, in the underground tunnels which every building has, there's what seem to be rooms of concrete and little windows on big steel doors.

There are autopsy tables in these rooms and the tunnels go to the outside where a train goes by.

Anyway lots of people died in a painful way and their spirits still walk the tunnels.

I have been in these tunnels six times with groups I bring, my friends and son. We have all felt the presence of people that are passed, I have anyway. I have much more to tell but check these photos out anyway.

There is no power down there at all we had a camera with flash and a couple flash lights. You can get lost for hours in these tunnels.

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Jan 12, 2016
pardova junkie
by: Anonymous

I was at Pardova a couple times and I find it so interesting and just awesome.... so much to see and so much history... also from Whitehorse years ago now

Aug 28, 2015
motion detectors and dogs?
by: Curious George

anybody know if this is true? I've heard that the property now has motion detectors and dogs that will attack you if your caught on the property? Me and a friend really wanted to go explore a little bit but are worried about getting bit by a dog. Anyone know? Cause id love to go check it out!!

Jul 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

I'm so excited from the last comment my bf and I are going tonight hope we don't get in trouble wandering but hopefully it's exciting and if people do come they understand we're looking not vandilizing

Jun 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

I went in there with a few friends, and wow was it ever creepy in there, so dark and we kept hearing noises, and we went into a room and thought it would be funny to close the door on us, but almost couldnt get it back open, we wandered up to the top where you walk up creepy old stairs that wind up in circles to get to the top, then my friend went missing and we could hear her but couldnt find her, then we got scared and ran and went back through the window we went in and one of my friends was so scared he pushed me out the window, and finally my friend showed up and was acting weird for the rest of the night.It was quite the night, I only heard after that it was really haunted.

Apr 15, 2014
Tranquille by the lake
by: Anonymous

I have felt the power of this place as my son has been into most of the buildings many times I however have only been in the Mens Infermory a couple of times I have walked and sometimes ran through most of the property and their is definantly a presence If you ask the right questions to these lost souls you will get results Trust me this place has the most paranormal activity I have ever experienced in my life and I have gone to some pretty freeky places!

Jan 30, 2014
re; ghosts
by: Anonymous

like ross, who i remember, i lived in one of the "doctors" houses for 2 years , never believed in ghosts previously to that, but padova changed that, even tho i was in my 30's at the time, i got an education, and no longer assume that if science can't prove it, then it isn't so, 2 full years of seeing ghosts, not by myself,but with many others, and mostly in the full daylight, but tho shocking, they didn't cause harm, so thats good. and once you realize that they don't cause harm, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Feb 07, 2013
Padova is Haunted.
by: Amber

For those of you to judge those pictures and say its "dust" especially if you haven't been there are Naive. I grew up in Kamloops, and I always used to go there when I was a teenager. Over time it became an obsession. Me and my cousins used to buy extra flashlights, bring extra batteries, brought a couple cameras as well. When you would start walking into the city you could feel a strong crazy energy, but not always. There were nights where you couldn't feel a thing. So the tunnels, that's where those pictures were taken. One night me and 3 of my cousins decided to venture into the tunnels deeper then what we usually do, and people when your walking in these tunnels it's an overwhelming scary feeling, your not hopping and skipping threw to kick up dust, we were like attached to each other! And this wasn't the first time we had been in them either. So we get to a place where there's a big steel door and I didn't even step in front to look in the room I just reached my arm out and took a picture hoping I got the room. Anyways so all of a sudden all 3 flashlights were flickering, then they died! They were brand new batteries, and we only used them for 15 mins... We used our hands to feel our way, and it was cold creepy concrete. We went up the stairs and we ended up in the hospital! At that time the hospital was one of the only buildings we haven't been in because it was all locked on the outside! So we walked threw these double doors, which both were wide open, and 3 feet ahead of those was an other set of double doors to go outside but it was locked!!! Then all of a sudden "SLAM" !!!! Both of the doors behind us swung shut!!! And there were the type of doors with no handles, it's hard to explain, but now we were all stuck in this little cubby thing, our hearts were racing!!! So there was this tiny window with wire running threw it. So we broke that and eventually made it out!!! The inside of my pants were ripped from the broken glass. It was crazy! I've been to tranquille sanitarium " padova" more then 100 times. When I was young i used to drink with my friends and go in because it was "supposed " to be haunted. After experiencing so many things there, it intrigues me still to this day! I have so many stories of that place, now I'm no orb expert, but I don't think any of you are either. All I know is what I know, and so do the people who have been there.

Aug 30, 2012
by: Swiffer

Thats airborne dust . You ever try taking s picture around a dusty campfire? orbs everywhere !. However , nice page and you got my attention .

May 28, 2012
Padova city and my thoughts
by: Anonymous

the city and the government should just leave padova alone if they want to work on it then turn it into something like barkerville and allow the history to remain and for the respect of the people families that have passed on when there to be left in rest peacefully

Apr 06, 2012
It's been awhile . .
by: Ross

It has been awhile since I have heard or even spoken about Padova. I do know that property very well as two of us use to do security there, back in 94-95, due to vandalism. We use to have to walk those tunnels and all the other buildings plus I use to take a gentleman out fishing who use to live there when it was open as a mental hospital. I remember him saying how bad of a place it really was.

Mar 13, 2012
Do you still go into these tunnels?
by: Anonymous

do you still do these tunnel runs??? I have snuck into the back of this property during the day but am dying to explore the tunnels?

Mar 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

thats just dust on the camera lense orbs wont be perfectly round and will be colors not grey

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