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This is my Paranormal Blog. Every month or so I will be sharing with you what I have been up to on the paranormal front. From spirit clearing to leyline relocation – it's all in a month's work!

Negative Energy

I just wanted to write this month about the amount of negative energy that is around. We all know that the world isn't in a great place, financially or otherwise, and that this situation is affecting us all in different ways.

Over the last couple of months we've had a number of spirit clearing jobs that involved not clearing spirits, ghosts or energies, but actually negative energy that had formed into an entity. I feel that negative, dark, depressed energy can build over a very short amount of time and actually form into some kind of entity. It's a bit like poltergeist activity which many believe is actually thought forms and not a noisy or activity-focussed ghost.

The clients we worked with on these cases had been dealing with various forms of stress and depressed energy. In one family, the father had lost his very well-paid job and was now at home, depressed and unable to find any kind of work. In another case we had, the mother had been diagnosed with clinical depression, the father's working hours had been reduced and they were being threatened with foreclosure on their house. Talk about stress and negative energy!

The paranormal activity they were experiencing from their negative entities ranged from light bulbs blowing, doors banging, maniacal laughter and even their names being shouted during the night. It was all very frightened and they needed a solution.

The advice we gave these families was simple: make sure that before everyone turns in for the night, the air is cleared – both figuratively and physically. They needed to meet up before bedtime, have a quiet chat and work on any worries or problems they might be holding onto and then go around the house with a stick of incense, which is brilliant for dispersing negative energy. We knew they might feel this was a bit of chore and just another irritation to add to their day, but we urged them to give it a try for a least a week.

The change in all of our clients was phenomenal! One family had teenagers who were particularly grumpy about the 'family meeting'. But after a rocky start the first night, they were all actually looking forward to it the next evening.

What this does is clear any dark, angry or stressful energy that is building, so it won't gain momentum and become a full-blown psychic entity – which can definitely happen and is most unpleasant.

Our clients found that after a couple of days of this routine, everyone was sleeping better as well and there was no more paranormal activity.

If you find that your life is stressful and that there's quite of bit of worry and uncertainty in your household at the moment, why not give this routine a try. It's made a huge difference for our clients.

Until our next Paranormal Blog,
30th October 2010

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