Paranormal Blog - December 2006

Spinning Vortex

My latest case involved two young children who were suffering from dizziness and regular nightmares.

Their mother had heard of geopathic stress and had run across our site in her search. She felt this might be the cause of her children's problems.

The brother and sister, aged 3 and 5, shared a bedroom and were both complaining of dizziness, especially at breakfast. They were also suffering from disturbing and frightening nightmares, but not at the same time or on the same night.

As they live in another country, it was decided I should check out the property and help them by distance.

After taking a few details, it became apparent that the children had only been in their bedroom for about 3 months, having moved from another room that been made into a study. They were complaining of feeling sick and dizzy at breakfast and they were tired and irritable also.

The parents were also concerned about the amount of nightmares the children were having, waking up crying and distressed.

On psychic-ly scanning their home, I found a very large dark gray spinning vortex of energy, in the northeastern part of the house which appeared in their dining room and rose up to the children's bedroom on the floor above. Their mother added that she could never keep plants healthy or even alive in the far corner of the dining room – a major sign of geopathic stress and unhealthy energy.

Strangely enough, I didn't detect any leylines on the property – they usually go hand-in-hand with vortices. There was also a non-human energy in the house which wasn't doing them any good and needed to be moved as well.

Wherever vortices or negative leyines are situated, they can cause health problems for anyone who spends extended periods of time near them. Dizziness, sickness, nightmares and altered perception are just a few of the symptoms that can show up. It's believed the energy of the vortex or leyline interferes with and interrupts or own energy field, causing these unpleasant side effects.

I decided to relocate the vortex to a nearby hill, which is the best place for them, as they seem to spontaneously explode and vanish when moved inside the earth, as this one did also.

The energy form in the house was also easy to move. I then psychic-ly cleared and protected the home, checking in particular that the children's bedroom was safe and full of good energy.

I contacted their mother a week later to see how everything was at their home. She reported that a few hours after the clearing, the children went up to play in their bedroom for the first time ever and they were both sleeping soundly – so far, no more nightmares.

Until next month,
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