Paranormal Blog - February 2008

The Sleep Paralysis Case

We had a very disturbing case here in Ireland in the beginning of January which involved terrifying sleep paralysis and a ghostly figure staring in a window.

Cormac contacted us after a harrowing week of sleepless nights, spooky figures and sleep paralysis.

He very much believed in the paranormal having had a few experiences since moving into his 1900's home. But nothing had been as intense as the past week.

His teenage daughter had woken he and his wife up at the beginning of the week screaming, saying she'd had a terrible nightmare. When she'd woken up, she'd seen the frightening face of a grey woman looking in her window – on the second floor.

The next night, the same thing happened only Cormac was completely paralysed when he awoke to his daughter's screams. His wife was sound asleep and seemed oblivious to the commotion going on. After a few moments he was able to move and when he ran into his daughter's room, she too was sound asleep. It took him quite a while to settle and when he eventually fell asleep he dreamt of being chased though the house by a menacing grey lady. The following night he was hit again by nightmares and sleep paralysis and decided to contact us – the whole family was exhausted and quite disturbed by what was happening. Cormac in particular felt very shaken.

I wanted to call to them in person as I felt this clearing could take quite a bit of effort and concentration and I wasn't wrong. I called to the house just after lunch and even driving up the street I could feel a heavy energy almost pushing against me as if to stop my arrival at Cormac's.

The atmosphere in the hall was very dense and actually looked dark even though there were plenty of lights on. After walking through the house I determined there was a group of spirits/entities in the home which were acting together as one large energy, disrupting sleep and causing nightmares and ghostly figures to manifest.

There were a couple of small leylines which wouldn't be causing any problems and certainly weren't the cause of the paranormal activity. I felt it was very important to clear the house as soon as possible rather than find out why this group of entities was there.

The situation felt uneasy and I knew it could get much worse. I told Cormac that I wanted to do the clearing from outside the house as I felt there would be too much interference from the ghosts if I stayed there. As he was the only one home at the time, I also advised him to go out for an hour while I did the clearing.

It took me just over 45 minutes to clear the house successfully. The group of entities were unwilling to move on and quite aggressive. After putting a protective psychic barrier in place around the house, to keep them in one area, they were moved on one by one. I then psychic-ly cleared the house and protected it. When Cormac arrived back we went through the house together with sage and frankincense incense, wafting the smoking into the corners of all the rooms to disperse any residual negative energy. I find frankincense in particular excellent for clearing rooms – I love the scent too!

Almost 2 weeks had passed before I heard from Cormac and he reported that the house felt totally 'uplifted and glowing' with positive energy and they all felt 100% better with no bad dreams or grey ladies appearing in windows.

Until next month,
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