Paranormal Blog - July 2006

The Dark Figure

I had a really interesting job last month that involved a spirit being which kept appearing all over the place.

My client Annie lives in a small, old cottage with her three cats and two dogs. For the two weeks previous to her contacting me, she had been having upsetting dreams, almost every night, about her father who had passed away five years before. She had not dreamt of him since his death.

Around about the middle of the second week, she began sensing someone standing right behind her, usually when she was at the kitchen sink washing up, or sitting on the sofa reading. The dogs were also unusually restless, occasionally growling for no reason and staying very close to their owner.

Being tired and slightly edgy from lack of sleep, Annie ignored the situation, putting it down to being overtired.

On the Friday, she began seeing a very large dark figure out of the corner of her eye, and very disturbed by this, gave me a call. She had not experienced paranormal problems ever before.

I psychic-ly scanned Annie and the whole situation, with her permission, before calling to her house. I found the dark spirit figure to be neutral – not menacing to Annie at all. I felt instinctively I needed to be with her to find out about the vivid dreams of her father.

The cottage was absolutely charming, full of artwork and very cosy except for one corner of the sitting room. As I was chatting with Annie the spirit figure kept appearing and disappearing in different parts of the sitting room, becoming more and more agitated.

I knew with this job, not to ask any questions of the spirit, only to help him pass over to the next level which happened easily. After checking the cottage, it was clear of any further ghostly guests. I also cleared it of all residual negative energy, using a combination of sacred symbols and smudging with frankincense incense, which is particularly effective in clearing negativity.

Talking with Annie afterwards, it soon became clear that she herself was becoming more psychic, which had allowed her father to make contact during her sleep time.

Spirits of loved ones often make contact during our sleep, as we enter a state of mind that is conducive to receiving messages from them. In particular, if you have a dream and can remember it vividly after waking, and for some hours afterwards, this can be an indicator that you had an astral visit from a loved one who has passed on.

This new found psychic ability of Annie's had also alerted any wandering spirits in the vicinity that she was a bright light, and a possible source of help to them.

I showed Annie a simple and quick protection method to use each day upon rising that would prevent any further ghostly attachments.

I also advised her that if she found the dreams of her father upsetting, all she had to do was ask him to visit her only briefly during sleep and not to disrupt her important 'deep sleep' time too much.

Annie also felt that if her father had a message or advice for her, it might come through when she was meditating if she asked him.

I phoned Annie a couple of weeks ago to see how things were at the cottage. She reported that she was no longer seeing the dark figure and if she dreamt of her father, they were loving, peaceful dreams from which she awoke feeling refreshed and happy. All was well again.

Until next month
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