Paranormal Blog - June 2006

The Psychiatric Hospital

Our latest case involved a client we had worked with previously and also concerned her husband, who had again picked up an unwelcome visitor in his travels!

It is simple to protect yourself against unwanted psychic phenomena, but with the pace of life, it is easy to forget. On the previous occasion, we had shown our clients how to protect themselves every morning before starting the day, as they were sensitive individuals, and prone to attracting the wrong type of psychic attention.

The problems had begun a week previously. The wife was being woken up every night at approximately 2 am and 4 am with loud crashing noises downstairs. Every time this happened, she was the only one to hear them, everyone else was sound asleep and she found no furniture or objects disturbed. She was also hearing her name being called, again after nightfall, when none of the family were looking for her.

She gave Moonslipper a call after a particularly worrying evening. She was tidying up after dinner and heard a loud male voice wailing ‘Get me out'. It startled her greatly and she stood still, listening, to see if she had imagined it. The voice rang out again from a different part of the kitchen. She immediately ran to her husband and asked had he been working around any old or disused buildings recently, thinking back to their other problem. He thought for a moment then said he had been working next door to a very old psychiatric hospital, which was still in use. They were puzzled as neither of them felt physically or mentally different or unwell. When she phoned us, we explained that not all entities announce their presence so forcefully. Some slip in unawares and can stay for years unnoticed, while others can play up infrequently or increase their activity until it becomes very noticeable, which seemed to be the case here.

I agreed to help them by distance and tuned in to find a very wretched and despairing soul crouching in a corner of their kitchen. There was also an unidentifiable energy floating around the house. Neither was negative, and the poor spirit definitely wanted help to move on, which I was happy to do. The energy was more tricky and began to move quickly around the house as if in order to avoid being caught. It took a good half hour to psychically corner, catch and disperse this energy, which again was not negative, but definitely troublesome.

I ascertained that the soul had been attached to the hospital many years ago and it was his voice our client had heard. He had also caused the loud noises in an attempt to get anyone's help. At this time, we do not know what the energy was or where it came from. Our clients are continuing to protect themselves each day.

Until next month,
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