Paranormal Blog March 2008

Ghostly Groups

Since last December, we've had five spirit clearing cases that involved our clients either living in apartments or duplexes. The tricky part was that the entire area was full of spirits and entities – not just their own homes!

Our most recent case was in London in a modern, small apartment block.

Our client Les was noticing odd noises such as chairs moving and doors shutting on their own.

He had never felt entirely comfortable since moving in and always felt that he was being watched.

A couple of weeks before contacting us, he had been shaving in the bathroom and got a dreadful fright when a dark shape appeared in the mirror, as if it was standing behind him.

Of course, there was no one there, but it had convinced Les that he had a paranormal problem and needed help with it.

It was a small, modern apartment block in a busy London borough. Les sent us a plan of his own apartment and also a map of where the block was located.

After scanning his own home we found nothing – we are finding this is not unusual in a situation such as this where there is a complex or housing development. We then checking the entire building and found no less than 15 entities present and 2 leylines crossing right in the middle of the building.

Moving the Leylines

Where the two lines met would be a powerful energy area and probably not a pleasant one. After sending the map back to him to show the location of the lines, he confirmed that they met in the lobby of the building, which was area no one liked. It was always cold and dark and if you stayed for more than a few minutes in the area, a sense of vertigo and dizziness would invariably set in.

We suggested that the best course of action was to completely remove the leylines out of harm's way and to clear the building of all the spirits. This was a complex job, in particular with moving so many spirits and entities. Some were very happy to move, others were apprehensive and had to be reassured that it was the right thing to do. In the end the job took almost 2 hours to complete but we were very happy with the result. We also psychic-ly cleared the area of any residual negative vibrations and placed a strong protection in and around the building, to prevent any further paranormal intrusions.

Les reports back that his home is quiet now, he feels comfortable and safe for the first time since moving in and his sleep quality is excellent. Strangely enough, since we relocated the leylines, the management has redecorated the lobby and added some fresh, vibrants plants to the area.

Until next month,
21st March 2008

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