Paranormal Blog - November 2006

Ouija Board Problem - Again!

Only a few months ago I was called out to a very worrying situation that involved a teenage girls's party and a ouija board.

Just over a week ago I was contacted by a group of three friends who share a house. I had done some clearing work for a friend of theirs and he had recommended me for their problem.

Halloween night they had a big, exuberant party and among the numerous games pulled out, someone had brought a ouija board, which they felt was very appropriate for the night! They had dimmed the lights and gathered around a table, with the ouija board scooting madly all over the table. They had come up with three names and dire warnings of death and ill-luck. Nothing else had happened that night and they carried on with their party until the small hours.

The next evening however, strange things began happening. They all worked during the day and as they arrived back at the house after work, spooky occurrences started to take place.

One of the housemates was in the bath before dinner and heard her name being called repeatedly and anxiously. After jumping out of the bath and running downstairs, she found her two friends busily preparing dinner – no one had called her. After dinner, three bulbs blew around the house in rapid succession, shattering the glass in one bulb, and their stereo came on (by itself) so loudly it knocked a picture off the wall. The whole house had also become icy cold, despite the heating being on.

At this point the three of them were sitting at the kitchen table, very rattled and nervous, not sure what was going on.

Two of them spotted at the same time two dark shadows running past the kitchen door in the hall. Chaos broke out at this point and they all ran out of the house. To make matters worse, the front door slammed shut loudly behind them, even though they hadn't touched it!

One of the group thought of the ouija board the night before, which eventually led to me getting a call from them quite late that evening.

As they only lived a short distance from us, I offered to go over immediately.

As soon as I pulled up at the house I could feel the energy humming from inside. They had told me about the ouija board the previous night, so I knew I really had to protect myself as I had no idea who or what was inside.

The three friends were sitting nervously in a car outside and I asked that they stay there.

As soon as I walked in I saw out of the corner of my eye a large dark shape move into the sitting room on the left. The stereo was playing loudly again and I felt slightly light-headed with the energy so decided to go back outside to scan the house, see what was there and do the clearing. I explained to the housemates what I was going to do and then went over to the front gate to work.

It took a lot of concentration as I found six separate energies there, only four of which were human. Two of them were distinctly unpleasant and negative and proved very difficult to move on. The rest of them just had to be dealt with one by one. After just over an hour the house was clear and I walked through it all just to make sure it felt empty and safe. I then smudged the rooms to leave them clear and energized.

With some trepidation, the friends walked through the house with me and agreed it seemed ok again.

After talking to them yesterday, a few days after the clearing, all is well with no more strange happenings.

Just to reiterate, we at Moonslipper strongly advise against the use of ouija boards. Most experienced mediums and psychics walk away from ouija boards also, as it is practically impossible to control what spirits or energies come through, or worse yet, what spirits come through undetected.

Stay safe.

Until next month,
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