Paranormal Blog - October 2006

Spooky Bedtime!

I had a really interesting job in a location about two hours from us – which I worked on by distance.

Brenda had contacted me with regard to her grandson, who was three and had become very introverted, nervous and terrified of the dark.

Her son and his wife were very worried about him and were also concerned that he was complaining about the 'dark man' who was coming into his room at bedtime. The little boy was becoming hysterical at bedtime and withdrawing more and more into himself. He also felt his toys were coming alive after the lights went out.

As well, his mother was feeling a little spooked in the house when she was on her own during the day, catching glimpses of a dark shape out of the corner of her eye. She didn't know whether she was dwelling on her son's tales or if there was actually something there. Brenda had contacted us to see if we could help.

After tuning in psychic-ly to the little boy and the house, I found that there was indeed a spirit there who desperately wanted help to move on. Most entities I have encountered normally don't want to communicate and I would never push the point. However, I did find out that this spirit was a soldier and had a connection with the location. He felt bewildered and lost and wanted help. He also expressed regret for frightening the little boy.

Unfortunately, because children radiate a very pure light, they can easily attract unwanted paranormal attention.

I moved this spirit on easily. There was also another strange, but not harmful, earth energy in the house, a misty pink in colour. After dowsing I found it was best to clear this energy as well, which I did without any problem. I then checked the area for leylines as I had a feeling there might be one either running through or near the house.

A medium size ley line was moving diagonally across the house. Rather than move the leyline (which is running through a heavily built-on area), I just energetically blocked where it was coming into their house.

Relocating leylines should not be undertaken lightly and in a busy location like this I generally would not move them.

Interestingly, there is a large Catholic church about ¼ mile away from the house, situated right on the leyline. Many ancient monuments, churches and places of spiritual importance are found to be built on the site of one or more leylines due to their mystical and unknown power.

After all the clearing, I placed a strong protection around the house to avert any further unwanted ghostly visitors.

About two weeks later I heard from Brenda that her young grandson was doing much better. Bedtimes were no longer a problem, there was no more talk of the 'dark man' and he was also coming out of himself, little by little, and once again becoming a happy little child.

Until next month,
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