Paranormal Blog - September 2006

Strange Happenings

My latest job was at the end of July, just under an hour's drive from where we are based.

I do some of my spirit clearing and leyline relocation work by distance – some people prefer the privacy and confidentiality this gives them.

This particular family, and their situation was so interesting I wanted to pay them a visit. And what an experience it was! I recount it here with their kind permission.

The mother of the family, who I will call Susan, gave me a phone call after an especially harrowing night at their house.

She lived with her partner and their two young children in an old Victorian house and had been there just over a year. During the first six months nothing unusual had happened, but after this the couple suspected they might have a ghost in their home.

Lights would flicker on and off, televisions would switch off by themselves and the youngest child had started having nightmares and was refusing to sleep in her own bed.

There were also footsteps being heard along the upstairs landing and doors banging shut, and the whole family's nerves were raw. No one was sleeping, everyone was jumpy and they were seriously wondering if they would have to move out.

As I drove up to the house I had a serious wave of nausea sweep over me, which I knew immediately was paranormal-related. I have encountered this type of ill feeling a few times now when arriving at a property I was going to work at, and it is simply a huge message from the paranormal intruders saying 'Back off!'

The children and their father had gone out for a few hours and as I chatted with Susan in the hall there was a huge crash upstairs, like a substantial chair falling over. Susan's eyes immediately filled up and I could see she was very frightened. I ran upstairs myself checking the four bedrooms and found nothing disturbed. I knew I was going to have my work cut out.

As I came back downstairs the door to the dining room on the left slammed shut. Susan appeared from the other side of the hall and said there was no one else in the house. Feeling a little unnerved myself, I asked Susan to wait outside. I settled myself on a chair in the hall and psychic-ly scanned the house. As I was doing this I could hear what sounded like cutlery being rattled in a drawer down in the kitchen. Talk about distractions!

As I closed my eyes to concentrate I could feel what felt like a cat brushing my leg – when I looked down there was nothing there.

After about ten minutes I was able to tell there was one negative, disruptive male spirit in the house, who wanted the family out in no uncertain terms. There were also three other entities who mainly stayed in the background and were harmless. There was also a substantial vortex at the top of the stairs (about three foot in diameter) which emanated a negative energy and needed to be shut down and relocated to a safe place.

I asked Susan to stay outside and explained what I had found and what I was going to do. She decided to visit a neighbour while I worked.

It took about 1 ½ hours to corner the male spirit, communicate to him that he needed to move on, and then help him to do so. Despite his aggressiveness, he eventually moved on very quickly. The three other entities did not want to communicate and also passed over quickly.

I closed and sealed the vortex and relocated it to a nearby river where it would be out of anyone's way.

I then went through each room with frankincense, which I find is brilliant for dispersing negative energy. This took another another hour. Some people favour holy water – I find that this can cause rather than solve more problems, due to the religious affiliation. I tend to use neutral products!

Susan came in at this point and I told her what I had done. She took a deep breath and declared the whole house felt different and empty – which she liked.

I phoned them four days later and was happy to hear that all was quiet in their home. They were all still a little jumpy, expecting something to happen after living with it for so many months. but so far, nothing. They also report sleeping better and the youngest child is back in her bed.

Even though I deal with paranormal regularly, this situation had unsettled me quite a bit.

It was a really exhausting case, but the experience I gained from it was invaluable.

Each case is unique and each one has to be considered and handled differently everytime. Expect the unexpected and you'll always be prepared.

Until next month
~ Siobhan
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