Person in the window, Bonnyconnellan Castle

by Dustin
(Sidney, OH, United States)

Well my car ran out of gas and I was walking to the gas station and I walked past the Bonnyconnellan Castle. It is located in Sidney, OH. I stopped and snapped a picture on my phone. Well a few days ago I was looking at my pics on my phone and I came across this one and got to looking and it looks like a ghost standing in the window on the left side window. Not sure but I love hunting ghosts and wanted a second apinion. This is a little info I found on line:

"Sidney's Bonnyconnellan Castle is haunted by a man in a blue uniform who examines the wedding dress displayed on the stair landing.
However, it's not clear what the castle's ghost is doing these days, since the Shelby County Historical Society reports that the interior has been gutted since 2000. Have they rebuilt? Reports indicate that it's in private hands now and is probably in no danger of being demolished anytime soon. It was built in 1886 by John Loughlin with money made from his Sidney School Furniture Company, and built from granite blocks on his Walnut Street lot. More than 120 years later, have we seen the last of the Bonnyconnellan's spirits?"

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Dec 17, 2012
Castle Ghost
by: Anonymous

I don't see a ghost. I walk by it everyday and I see what I always see and that is the sun shining on the wall in the window.

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