Picture of a real fairy

by Adrian Galicia
(Baldwin Park)

Fairy 100% real in my backyard

Fairy 100% real in my backyard

This picture taken early this year in my backyard
in Baldwin Park, Ca.

(Thanks for sending this in Adrian! I've blown this picture up on Moonslipper's computer and I have no practical explanation for this shape except that it is a Real Fairy! Too cool ~Siobhan)

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Nov 02, 2011
maybe its a PIXIE
by: Anonymous

Ok too big for a bug..........what about it being maybe a "pixie". I guess the one who said its a bug doesn't believe in ghosts either. WOW. Sadly mistaken - paranormal spirits do exist. If they can exist - who knows what shape they can take? That's not a bug. WAY too big.

Nov 01, 2011
too big to be a bug
by: Anonymous

LOL thats a big bug if it is one. Has to be the same size as the headstones its hovering over. Could be something NOT paranormal but then they did say they didn't know WHAT it was. How many bugs do you know that are the size of a headstone????

Mar 07, 2011


Aug 17, 2010
by: Photographer

Its funny how this "fairy" looks remarkably like a bug don't you think? But of course you all will probably tell me how bugs don't fly at night right?

Aug 03, 2009
by: shelly

this really does look like a lil fairy. you can almost make out her or his lil legs and wings

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