Powhatan resort manor ghost

by Dana
(Farrell, PA)

tried to zoom in not to sure how but the closer you get you can see how traslucent it is

tried to zoom in not to sure how but the closer you get you can see how traslucent it is

Well we went on vacation to Virginia and stayed at the Powhatan resort in Williamsburgh located on an old plantation. One night we decided to take the family on a ghost tour to be held inside the manor. After the stories were told and our tour was over I walked into another room of the manor with my boyfriend and me being a believer from my own experiences jokingly took a picture and told my boyfriend that is not such a believer that I was gonna try to catch a spirit on camera... sure enough there it is. A translucent orb. Some might say a reflection or a speck of dust but it is the only picture out of about 120 other vacation pictures that has anything strange in it. And I specifically took the picture in a haunted place in hopes of getting one on camera and for that reason I am convinced. What do you think?

(I like this picture Dana! A lot of orb pictures are just dust, moisture or insects but when I see a orb on it's own and pictures taken on either side of it not showing orbs I tend to believe it might be something paranormal. Thanks for sending it in! ~Siobhan)

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Dec 30, 2015
Sleepless nights
by: Anonymous

My family and I stayed in one of the condos for two nights with the historic Powhatan resorts back in October 2015.

Lovely place but for some reason on the first night I was abruptly awoken at least 3 or 4 times like someone was shaking me or actually jumping on our bed and no matter how I was laying.

I sat up and was focused on one area of the room. The next day I mentioned it to my daughter cause quite frankly it freaked me out and she said she experienced the same thing in her room and then I proceeded to ask my son who was sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room and he as well said something kept waking him up about four times and he kept looking at the room with the hot tub.

Mind you I had shut and locked that door right before I went to bed myself and he stated that when he looked it was open, and the same thing happened to me the second night.

I just felt like someone was trying to get our attention or just got a thrill out of tormenting us.

I would love to know if anyone else ever experienced the same thing

Jan 14, 2015
Taliaferro ancestry
by: Tonya Kelley Johanson

I'm a descendant of the Taliaferro family. That is all the Italian I know of. The rest is Irish, English and French. I would love to see this place one day. Very interesting!
Tonya Kelley Johanson
Alto, Louisiana

Jun 29, 2014
Powhatan Manor House Investigations
by: David Flowers

I am the founder and lead investigator for Virginia Paranormal Occurrence Research. I have done many investigation in the Powhatan Resort Manor House. We have caught a lot on video and audio recordings. Some of it we can explain away and some of it we cannot. about a month ago on Saturday June 3rd. I was leading an investigation there and I was in the basement with 4 other people at around mid-night. All 5 of us saw a bright orb on the stairs with our own eyes. The stair down there are located in such a way that it is impossible for outside lights to get to where we saw the orbs. There have been many more experiences by many other people and myself.

Jun 03, 2014
Young Child's Voice in Manor House
by: Anonymous

My husband, my three kids, and I decided to take a quick tour of the Manor house on our first night at the resort. We were coming back from dinner and decided to check it out, just in case we didn't get a chance later in the week. We walked into the house and found no one there. All day there had been a tour guide out in front, but when we showed up we were alone. We decided just to take a quick look around anyway. We walked upstairs past the bedrooms and my husband opened the door to the attic--we didn't go up there though since it was dark. We went down into one of the lower rooms and as our children were looking around, I swear I heard a little child say "Mama" twice. I looked at my kids to see who wanted my attention, only to find out that not one of them looking at me for attention. I decided it was time to go since it was getting dark and the manor was dimly lit. When I announced it was time to go, my husband quickly backed me up and said "Yeah, let's go." Later that night, I told my husband what I thought I heard even though I was certain I had imagined it. Rather than brushing it off, he calmly said to me "I heard it too."

Jun 03, 2013
by: gina lewis

My son and I went on a ghost tour of the Powahatan Manor May 29, 2013, and I held dowsing rods, which consistently swung in all directions-I could feel energy when they were about to move, and we had success with the flashlight test in the upstairs back left room!

My son asked the ghost to touch his mom's arm-thanks, Harrison!- and I said it would be alright for him to do so.

I didn't expect much, but within seconds my left hand became freezing cold as if someone touched it.

I looked at the air vent nearby on the wall to my left, but it was a foot or two in front of where I was sitting, and there was no breeze,wind, cold feeling anywhere else on me, not even my forearm.

My hand returned to normal and then my left elbow began to freeze like my hand a few seconds before, as if he had let go of my hand and touched my elbow!

To further support my claim, my left arm in general was inside of the antique sitting chair I was on, and the entire left side was enclosed with material, so even if the vent had blown, which there were no signs of, I would not have felt it on that arm.

Perhaps my left leg or face, but even my left leg felt nothing, I was aware that only my hand and then elbow was cold.

Chandelier swung upstairs, and I felt as though someone was beside me when the rods moved!

I too couldn't sleep in my room, felt someone watching me for some reason!

Best of all, the day we checked out, we stopped at the outside basement doors, where the old freed slave was said to be, and I talked with him a bit, told him we had to go home and would like to sing him a song-tour guide mentioned he liked kids singing to him!

My 5 year old son sang "A, B, C's" and I asked for response if he liked the song-I pushed my ear on the wooden door, and got the shock of my life-3 distinct footsteps just on the other side!

I bolted back, and yelled out that I didn't realize someone was working & apologized, but got no answer.

We peeked thru the door opening as much as we could, and saw nothing. We looked thru the windows to basement and saw no one!

Mar 01, 2012
Saw a light
by: Anonymous

We just got back from staying at a condo at Powhatan Resort Manor. One morning, I turned off the fire in the fireplace in the living room. When I arrived back, my husband said I had left it on. I know I turned it off.
One night, when driving up the driveway, I saw a light go on and off twice in the second floor window to the far right. It was very bright. Since, the house was closed for repairs I thought it might be a tool that was catching the light of my car. When I got back to the room, I checked on-line and read about the girl and the light.

Dec 28, 2011
Haunted Manor House
by: Emily Christoff Flowers

I am so excited to have found this page. I am the tour guide at the Manor House at Powhatan. I wrote and conduct the ghost tours. The house is closed right now for renovations but should open again in the spring of 2012. I have permission for visitors who are not staying at the resort to attend the tours when we reopen. I intend to purchase more ghost hunting tools and to increase the tours running time to allow for a quick ghost investigation after each tour. Does that sound like fun?
I am doing alot of research while we await to reopen. I have discovered that one of our ghosts that is frequently sighted is linked to a well documented ghost at Jamestown. Google the ghost of Lydia Ambler, and you can read all about her. I am going Friday to check out the ruins of her house which is only 4 miles from the resort.
If you want to see more ghost photos and read my collection of witness statements please go to facebook and type in "Ghost Journals of a Haunted Manor House'. Anyone may join. You may also contact me through this page. The bizarre communications through a flashlight that were mentioned above have been recorded and posted on this site as well. I hope you enjoy, and thank you all so much for your love of history and the paranormal!

Oct 16, 2011
Most definitely haunted!!
by: Anonymous

I have a picture on here of the orb I got in a picture in the manor as well..I knew the whole plantation was haunted and the religious people I was with didn't believe me..one night we were out on the deck and the vertical blinds in the hot tub room banged against the side of the sliding glass doors..I went in to investigate expecting to find a big rat or some other kind of animal...I looked everywhere in the hot tub room and there was nothing..also there was knocking on the bedroom window that was too high for anyone to reach!! And I heard my name called while I was in the bedroom..went out and asked the kids who was calling me and what they wanted..wasn't them..needless to say we all left believers!! Look for my orb pic I posted from the manor..only took one pic in there and did it hoping to catch a ghost(am somewhat of a ghost hunter) and got the orb!!

Jul 06, 2011
Spooky Powhatan
by: R Henry

Just returned from 4th of July vacation. This place is spooky. Like one of the posters, I could not sleep AT ALL. I was tired from the days' activites but could not close my eyes at night. The first night, I dreamt that someone was watching me while I slept. The second night, although I am not a religious person, I kept getting the message to pray! The painting on the all of the Manor some how added to my discomfort. And to top it all, now that we are back home, my husband who sleeps thru anything, confessed that for some reason he could not fall asleep in the room!!!!

Mar 29, 2011
Spooky Powhatan resort experience
by: Anonymous

So I just came back home from a stay at the Powhatan resort located in Williamsburg,V.A. I found it to be very nice, and me as well as my Family had a wonderful time. Although we could not go on the ghost tour during the time of our stay we did encounter something rather spooky. I, at this moment, wonder if anything similar has happened to anyone else. First of all, I didn't sleep very much any of our vacation. For the feeling of being watched. When I brought this to attention the second night of our stay, and we discussed the actual Manor house being on the property. Plus the idea of it being haunted I assumed it was imagination. I was scaring myself... but that night the kitchen faucet turned on while we were watching T.V. We thought at first it was my father brushing his teeth upstairs. After 10 min.'s we realized it was the sink full blast. I am a believer in the paranormal & came to believe something rather spooky resides here.

Sep 15, 2010
The Ghost Tour
by: Anonymous

The Powhatan Plantation Manor House is a very interesting place indeed. My boyfriend and I just got back from a Vacation there. On the first night we took the tour as well. And like you I took about fifty pictures in the house and in only one did I catch an orb. It was in the front upstairs room of the house. During our tour Emily the guide tried the flash light experiment to try and talk to the ghost. The idea is that they can turn the light on and off if you ask them to. And like clock work it turn on and of as she asked it to. It was interesting to say the least. One of the other guest took several pictures during the flashlight experiment and in one the light looked like lightening. From what I experienced that night and other strange thing that happened at the resort while I was there, I am a true believer that something haunt the Manor.

Aug 21, 2010
experience @ the manor house
by: Anonymous

My family and I just came back from exploring the Manor house. I had taken a picture of my mother in one of the rooms upstairs and the is a translucent orb on my mothers shirt. I was so facinated that I googled "is the powhathan haunted" and stumbled across your page. It is identical! Amazing!

Aug 08, 2010
Orb in the Condo
by: Deb

Aug 7th 2010. We just came back from staying a week at Powhatan Resort and also took the Ghost tour. It was very interesting and I was on the fence about believing. At the beginning of each vacation, I take pictures of all the rooms in the condo before they are messed up. I took a picture of the master bedroom and when we got home I saw an orb above the bed. That was the only picture out of all of them that it was present. I am glad I saw it after I came home otherwise I would of been a little freaked out.

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