Psychic Predictions 2009

by Tim

2009 Predictions - - Please keep in mind all predictions are subject to intrepretation as well as free will. In addition, timing is very difficult to predict. For more predictions, check individual psychics websites.

Christopher Reburn - Sees economy better Mid-to-end of Summer 2009. Storms: Lots of snow–more than usual in snow areas. Hurricanes increase. Health: More flu type illnesses this year. Some thing coming to help diabetes patients. Accidents: Russian plane. One U.S. plane in late part of year. Gay Issue: Believes more states will accept gay marriage;California should reverse recent ruling. Political Issues - Believes Hillary will remain in politics but doesn’t think she’ll run again. Palin will probably run in 2012. Obama will do a good job and surrounds himself with informed people who will be helpful. This President will need lots of protection; there are those who want to harm him and he will be tested. Terrorists: Sees one U.S. attempt. Concern for London, Germany and India. Michelle Obama: Some questionable business dealings around her. Hollywood types:Comebacks for Whitney Houston and Brittney Spears. Madonna has 2-3 failed relationships but artistically does well. Pitt/Jolie not life partners. Should split and split will be nasty. The View: Look for Liz to leave and illness around Barbara Walters.

Judy Hevenly - Expect President Barack Obama to govern from the center, using a new style of politics, as he signals moderation and he won’t rush on key issues that divide, as he assures business and labour leaders he is doing this. Obama will act before the inauguration to institute some of his policies. Gen Jim Jones to head up as Nat. Security, Robert Gates to remain as Sec. of Defense, or Chuck Hagel to replace him, and together with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State these ‘three,’ make a formidable team in the new Obama government.

Elizabeth Joyce - I am feeling major health issues for John McCain in December 2008, and the passing of Ted Kennedy by the end of January 2009. I also felt Hillary Clinton would be Secretary of State after she was passed over for the VP spot. Sarah Palin will run for the Senate in Alaska in September 2009, and wins. She may be a major contender with Hillary for the Presidential spot in 2012. Johanna Note: Joyce only sees the current election as one term.

Sylvia Browne - I predict the President elected sometime after 2008 will die in office from a heart attack. The Vice President who will finish their term will have an unpopular and mistaken intention to declare war on North Korea. By that time, North Korea will have weapons of mass destruction. In the middle of efforts to declare war, I predict the Vice President will be assassinated. Johanna Note: This prediction doesn’t say which president or vice president she’s referring to. We only know it’s someone elected after 2008.

Barbara Garcia - Like a breath of fresh air, President Elect Barrack Obama sets a new course for America that promises economic recovery in the years ahead. It won’t all happen in 2009 but rest assured that by the end of the year we will begin to see results and an upward curve in the world economy.

Dr. Sunit Kumar Gupta - Predicted the last 5 presidents correctly. Here’s what he says about our leaders: “Provided he is not victimized by the sway of devious conspiracy– not just for America –but for the rest of the World Barrack will prove to be a great leader. Unlike the present leaders Obama will work more for the country than inflating his personal wealth. Michelle Obama’s time is difficult up till april of 2009. She should be very careful in her public appearances and must seek total protection. Biden is very hardworking and can row his boat amidst all the adversities. He is a true patriot.

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