The Rabbit Horoscope for
The Year of the Sheep

The Rabbit Horoscope says this 2015, Year of the Sheep will be a good year for the shy and intelligent Rabbit.

You will see excellent opportunities presented to you, so be sure to take advantage of them.

This is not a year for timidity, with 2015 on your side, your chance of favorable outcomes in risky situations is good.

This Year of the Sheep is also a good year to travel with family, so feel free to start planning that trip you’ve wanted to take!

The Rabbit Horoscope: Career Aspects

Chinese Zodiac RabbitSign of the Rabbit

This is a good year to build new partnerships at work.

2015 will pave the way for you to go after promotions, raises and anything else you may desire at work.

Lead your colleagues but ensure you are being thoughtful of them, and they will do well by you.

Wealth for the Rabbit Sign

Money the Rabbit spends in the first half of the year will return to you in the second half.

This means that 2015 is a good year to expect investments to be well rewarded.

Share your good fortune with loved ones and see your generosity repaid.

The Rabbit and Relationships

Rabbits who are looking for love should spend 2015 by upping their participation in social activities. Putting yourself out there will bring good opportunities for the usually shy Rabbit to meet love prospects.

This is a time to step out of your comfort zone if you want to meet someone special.

Rabbits who are taken should focus their energy on deepening their bond. Your thoughtful nature will make you irresistible to your partner. Splurge on gifts for them, be generous and be loved.

Health for the Rabbit Sign in 2015

Rabbits are likely already in good health as we begin 2015. This year will encourage them to stay that way but it will require self-mastery, which is not something Rabbits are good at.

However, 2015 will bring a new talent of discipline to the Rabbit and putting in the extra effort in this one area will pay off by allowing Rabbits to stay healthy and feeling great.

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