The Rat Horoscope for
The Year of the Sheep

This Rat horoscope for the Year of the Sheep indicates that 2015 may be a challenging year for Rats, and could begin with a rough ride. 

However, Rat’s adaptable nature and quick witted personality should allow them to still come out on top.

It will be important for you to use your natural anticipatory prowess to assist you in foreseeing obstacles and making the appropriate adjustments as necessary.

On the 20th of March, a total lunar eclipse will encourage you to let go of things in your life which are no longer providing forward momentum. 

The clarity gained by doing so will assist you in avoiding many problems.

The Rat Horoscope: Career Prospects in 2015

Chinese Zodiac RatSign of the Rat

This is a year to take advantage of the Rat’s natural charm in order to build and expand your professional relationships.

Solidifying your standing with your colleagues will help in any career challenges you may face.  Should these arise, take them head on.  Hard work and perseverance will pay off.

The Rat's Outlook for Wealth

This is where your adaptability in life and hard work in career will pay off.

However, there is risk for a financial dilemma near the end of the year, so do not let any early windfalls allow you to relax your diligence in financial matters. 

Alertness to trouble will be paramount to prevention.

The Rat and Relationships

Relationships are primed for high emotions, so temper your own even when you are tempted to do otherwise. Moderating your own intensity will help you to avoid scandal.

This is not a year to hold high expectations of others. Your tendency to put too much into love and relationships is sure to cause you pain and let down, if you expect your own actions to be reciprocated.

Do not force any aspect of your relationships, instead allowing them to amble along at their own pace and on their own course.

Health for the Rat in 2015

2015 brings stress and a need for hyper-alertness.  This must be counteracted with a focus on self-care in order to avoid health problems.

Take your health seriously this year and make time to relax in order to avoid stress related health concerns.

It is also wise to avoid any trips that require you to travel long distances, and to instead focus on remaining close to family and loved ones.

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