Real Ghost Pictures 2011

Our visitor's Real Ghost Pictures 2011 that were sent in to us here at Moonslipper.

Our wonderful paranormally-minded visitors have caught the weird, the strange, the creepy on their cellphones, digital cameras, video cameras and they've even scoured old photo albums to send in their images!

Do you have your own ghost picture you'd like to send in to us here at Moonslipper? Click here to submit your own!

So, make yourself comfortable, dim the lights and have a look through this great selection of ghost pictures!

What Other Visitors Have Said

Click below to see these amazing Ghost Pictures and comments left by other visitors to this page...

Ghost Children 
I took this picture of my partner and her son on the day he was leaving home for residential college. I have taken literally thousands of pictures …

Ghost Lady 
I took this picture of an old house in a small town about 2 hours from where I live. This town, like many other cities and towns in my province, has …

Ghost Encounters 
In 2002, while I was doing my senior thesis paper for geography, my friend Tonya and I were taking numberous trips up to Las Vegas, NM. On one of …

Ghostly Orbs 
I have pictures on here already of Paradise Road but had a few more to show that I didn't add in different area of Paradise Road. The Story is that …

Padova City's Ghost Orbs 
In the last 10 years I've been kinda obsessed with a place in Kamloops BC. That place is an old asylum outside town called Old Tranquille, aka Padova …

American Ghosts 
Located in the bottom left hand corner Well me and my best friend had gone to the zoo for her birthday, the zoo was pretty empty that day but it was …

Fairies and Spirits Not rated yet
My Brother-in-Law was a bit tipsy and decided to climb the outdoor chimney. I was taking pictures as he performed in front of us, went on top of the …

Family Ghost Pics Not rated yet
My family and I all spent Christmas at my grandparents' place and it was the first Christmas after my grandfather passed away. He would always sit …

Are Demons Real? Not rated yet
We were going through Zion Natl Park in '08, and I got a weird notion to pull off and walk down this canyon. Saw none of this in front of me, just on camera …

More Real Ghost Pictures

Want to see more spooky pictures?  We have them, shared by our ghost-loving friends.

If you're in the mood for a story, here's one about a ghost ship and another about ghosts in Paris.

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