Scariest Ghost Pictures 2008

The Scariest Ghost Pictures 2008 that were submitted to us here at Moonslipper.

Our dedicated visitors are determined to capture ghosts, orbs, ectoplasms and other seriously scary phenomena on camera.

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Now, the Scariest Ghost Pictures 2008 Edition

picture of a haunted castle

Feel free to browse and be scared...

The Ghost Pictures of 2008

Click below to see the seriously spooky contributions from our visitors.

Lady Ghost Pictures 
This was taken at my boyfriend's house. (I had to reduce the size of the picture. Everything is clearer in its original size) In the right hand …

Haunted House in Garrettsville Ohio 
I went to see a few houses that were up for sale in Garrettsville on Friday, October 24, 2008. I did not go inside this house. Why ... well when …

Collection of Ghost Photographs 
Hi, I bought this dresser set with mirrors on it 13 years ago. I was moving April 1st 2008 and decided I didn't want the mirrors any more so I took …

All Types of Ghosts 
This strange image was captured using a Polaroid instant camera. The photo was taken in June 1992 in Salem, Virginia. The strange image is to …

Seeing Orbs? Not rated yet
While visiting Natchez, MS a week ago my camera that I've owned for 8 years suddenly picked up orbs in some of the photos I took. A couple showed …

Ghost Light Sightings Not rated yet
I was taking pictures at my house with some of my sons friends. It was a gathering in remembrance of their friend who had just been killed the week …

Ghost Hauntings Not rated yet
Hi, My name is James I'm 13. I was outside my house taking photos of my caravan which I have refurbished. I took a photo and there was just a reflection …

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