The Snake Horoscope for
The Year of the Sheep

The 2015 Snake horoscope in this Year of the Sheep shows that it will be a demanding year for Snakes. You may find yourself feeling a confrontational energy, but that same energy will also prime you for adventure and excitement.

Harness it and become a powerful force. However, you may need that amount of forceful energy in order to be successful, as 2015 will likely bring great trials.

Be careful to not be quick to temper and make extra effort to employ self-control.

Lean on your friends for support and advice but also take time to nourish your friendships this year, if they are to continue to serve you well.

Accept all travel with open arms, as it may lead to positive advances in self-discovery.

The Snake Horoscope: Career Related

Chinese Zodiac SnakeSign of the Snake

Your colleagues are important. 2015 will see a need for you to be a great team member. Don’t let your occasional predisposition for laziness cause you to let your teammates pick up your slack. They will resent you for it and may not be around when you need them most.

This is not a good year to launch new projects, but instead to perfect what is already on the books. Any extreme forward momentum in your career will be largely from luck.

The Snake's Wealth Prospects

The adventurous energy will cause you to feel encouraged in risk taking. Resist and do not allow yourself to become hasty in your financial decision making. Do your homework on investments and be smart about them.

If you are not already diligent with your savings, start as soon as possible. You may also be surprised by an opportunity for creating extra cash.

Relationships for Those Under Snake Sign

Communication will be key to solving any issues that do arise with your loved ones, but 2015 should really provide no surprises, either with friends, family or lovers.

Health for The Snake

Be sure you are focusing on getting plenty of time outdoors. The time spent in nature will be good for balancing the tension that all this energy may be causing.

The sun is important for good health, too.

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