Spell Bottles

"The Universe is full of magical things..."

Spell bottles have been known to exist since the 16th century and are a form of very old magic.
These magical bottles are, quite literally, a powerful spell sealed within a glass bottle. Depending on the spell that is sealed within the bottle, they can be placed discreetly within the home, placed in a pocket or handbag for an important meeting or interview or they can be buried on a person’s property or within a potted plant.

It is believed that they hold their magic for as long as the seal and bottle remain unbroken.

Typically, these powerful little bottles are used to attract, eliminate, protect or enhance a situation.


We are thrilled at Moonslipper to offer the following bottled spells which have been created for us by Freya, who practices White Magic in the Celtic tradition, here in Ireland.

Choose the Spell Bottle For Your Needs


She has created a range of bottles to cover the most requested spells and is also happy to create a unique magical bottle for your own personal needs and requirements.

The clear glass bottles are topped with a cork and sealed in wax to contain the spell within. They are 5 ml bottles and measure either two inches high or one and a quarter inches high approximately.

They are filled with the highest quality of dried herbs, resins and flowers specific to each magical spell. Each bottle, apart from the Full and Waning Moon energy bottles, is created uniquely when the order is received.

Please have a look below at these wonderful items and pick whichever one suits you best.

Cost per bottle is USD $8.99 including free shipping worldwide.

Our newest addition, the Grace and Gratitude Spell Bottle costs USD $12.99 including free shipping.

We also have a set of three bottles, especially for Love and Romance, which will be available for a limited period only. The cost for this set of three special bottles is US $24.99 including free shipping worldwide.

~UPDATE~ Due to the large volume of orders we are receiving, and the time it is taking for Freya to process each order individually, the lead time from ordering to shipping the order is running at 2 -3 weeks.


Success Spell Bottle
Needing success in whatever you do? Be it love, money or businesss, this Success bottle will do the job. Filled with cinnamon, marjoram, Irish oak leaf and poppy seeds.

"I'm self-employed as an artist and things had slowed down drasticly. After receiving this Success bottle, within 2 weeks, I've gotten 2 commissions and a part-time illustration job! Unreal! Thanks so much!"
Caitlin, Birmingham, UK


Wish Come True Bottle
To help make your dearest wish come true. This magical bottle contains sage, lavender, orris root and Irish honeysuckle flower.


Protection Spell Bottle
Whether you need protection from negative energies and vibrations or from psychic attack, this powerfully charged bottle will do the job for you. It contains mugwort, pepper, Irish oak leaf and cloves.

"Siobhan I had to tell you about what the Protection Magic Bottle did for me! I'd been having awful problems at work with a co-worker, bullying, teasing, that kind of thing. I started putting the Protection bottle in my pocket and in a couple of days, all of it stopped. Totally. He just ignores me now. What a result!"
Shelby Locke, USA


Abundance Spell Bottle
Possibly you’re in need of some extra cash, or just longing for abundance from the Universe in all forms, this magically charged bottle will help you attract abundance into your life quickly. Filled with dill, nutmeg, Irish oak leaf, myrrh and Irish honeysuckle flower.


*NEW* Grace and Gratitude Spell Bottle
Our latest addition to the Spell Bottle range. Containing rare and unique Irish lichen, Irish Moss and a naturally found tiny white/grey feather. Each of these bottles is created upon order specifically for the client. Generating more Grace and Gratitude in life will bring in more a thousand fold. A little treasure to have.


Happiness and Joy Bottle
Whether life has been dull or dreary or you feel a bit of happiness would help lighten Life’s challenges, this potent bottle will bring help to bring Happiness and Joy sweeping through your daily life. The contents are lavender, orris root, Irish rose petal and Irish honeysuckle flower.


Faery Snippets Bottle
Beautiful new Spell Bottle that is part of a Faery Range of bottles being developed by Freya. Brings (fun) mischief, good fortune and lovely surprises to whoever it arrives with. We received a sample bottle here at Moonslipper and can testify to all these qualities! Filled with tiny yellow tea rosebuds, green moss and honeysuckle, all from Freya's garden.


Full Moon Energy Bottle
This magical bottle has been charged with powerful Full Moon energy for three days. This energy can be used to manifest, increase and attract whatever you want. It contains myrrh, lavender, orris root and Irish rose petal.


Waning Moon Energy Bottle
This charged magical bottle has been filled with the energy of the Waning Moon for three days. It is excellent magic for decreasing, banishing and reducing whatever it is you wish to change. This bottle has poppy seeds, orris root and Irish honeysuckle flower.


Happy Home Spell Bottle
Exceptional for placing in your home or work place after an argument or disagreement. This magically charged bottle will ensure your home stays happy, calm and peaceful on a daily basis. It is filled with marjoram, coriander seeds, rose petal and orange peel.


Sweet Dreams Spell Bottle
This magical bottle will help send you off to a peaceful sleep and will also ensure that your dreams will only be happy ones. This bottle has rosemary, lavender and poppy seeds.


Love Luck Bottle
One of Freya’s most requested spells! This bottle will attract love, romance and respect to you. Whether you have special someone in mind or not, this magical spell will suit your needs. It has Irish rose petal, a tiny rosebud, orris root and lavender.


Your Own Spell Bottle

Would you like to have your own spell bottle made up by Freya? Just choose this option and let Freya know exactly what your bottle should do. You’ll receive your own powerful personalized spell bottle along with its unique description. What could be better?


Trio of Love and Romance

This trio of Magic Bottles will be available for limited time only and costs US $24.99 with free shipping worldwide. These bottles may be used individually or together to bring about the Love and Romance you are looking for:

Seize the Day - Filled with cinnamon, cloves, Irish wheat and dill. To give you courage, inspiration and passion to go for what you want.

Irresistible - This bottle contains a black Irish rose bud (very dark red!), dill and rare Irish lichen. To give you a very special energy which can help draw exactly the right person and situation to you.

Come To Me - this powerful Bottle contains coriander seeds, rosemary, cinnamon and sage. When you've met the right person and would like to become closer, this bottle's magical energy will help you along. It's very potent.

Please note: These spells in bottles are very powerful but due to the infinite number of variations in people's circumstances no guarantee can be given or implied. No responsibility can be accepted by Moonslipper for the results. The contents of the bottles are not to be ingested.

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