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As a paranormal investigator and specialist in spirit clearing, I've set up this site to share my personal passion, knowledge and experience of ghosts and the supernatural.

What are Ghosts and Spirits?

If you want to know all about ghosts and spirits and how to deal with them, its all here!

Ghost Lights and Orbs

What are ghost lights and orbs? Find out here!

Leylines and Geopathic Stress

Find out all about leylines and geopathic stress and how they can affect you

Holistic and Paranormal Articles

The Best Holistic and Paranormal Articles for you to read!

About us

All about us - the team at Moonslipper and what we are about.


Testimonials from our happy clients

Feng Shui in the Home

Try out these easy to use Feng Shui tips for a happy holistic home.

Holistic Home Cleaning

Great ideas for holistic home cleaning - safe and healthy for you and your family.

Clean up Clutter!

Fast and easy- to -apply ideas to clean up clutter!

Healing Properties of Crystals

All about the healing properties of crystals and how they can help you

Magic of the Moon

Magic of the Moon - how to use the powerful Moon energy

Space Clearing for Life

An easy Step-by-Step Guide to Space Clearing.

Monthly Book Review

Monthly Book Review of the best Spiritual and Metaphysical Books around

Paranormal Blog

Find out what I've been up to in my Paranormal Blog.

Divination and Fortune Telling

Find out about every method of Divination and Fortune Telling there is!

Moonslipper's Paranormal Bookshop

Moonslipper's Paranormal Bookshop - only the best recommended!

Moonslipper's Positive Energy Newsletter

Keep up to date with Moonslipper's Positive Energy Newsletter

Favourite Links

My favourite links to the best paranormal sites on the web

Contact Us

How to contact the team at

Reading the I Ching

Reading the I Ching - my personal tips and recommendations

Paranormal Blog Archive

Take a look through our Paranormal Blog Archive for past investigations

Book Review Archive

Spiritual, metaphysical and alternative book review archive

Tips for Insomnia

Some tried and tested tips for insomnia

The Company of Angels

The Company of Angels - what you need to know about the angelic realm.

Healing with Bach Flower Remedies

Healing with Bach Flower Remedies explained simply

How to Deal with Stress Holistically

How to Deal with Stress Holistically - ideas that work.

How to Balance and Heal Your Chakras

How to Balance and Heal Your Chakras

Chinese Astrology in 2007

What does Chinese Astrology hold for you in 2007?

Chinese Astrology Year Table

Chinese Astrology Year Table

Dowsing for Healing

Dowsing for Healing - the basics you need to know

Understanding Biochemic Tissue Salts

A guide to understanding biochemic tissue salts and how they can help you and your health

A Picture of the Fairy Kingdom

A picture of the Fairy Kingdom and how to interact with them

Fairy and Fantasy Art

Why not choose one of these pieces to bring some Enchantment into your home...

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