Please read some of the kind testimonials from our happy clients. We carry out our spirit clearing and leyline relocation work all over the world.

“You were absolutely right as to where the cold spot was – without even being here! Amazing. The whole family is sleeping so much better after the clearing. Thank you.”
Sunil M., Virginia, U.S.A.

"Thank you to all at Moonslipper. I have to admit I was skeptical, but we have our health (and sanity) back after the clearing work you did. That is priceless."
Sean C., Ireland

”Siobhan, thank you very much…you tuned into the situation here so perfectly - I can hardly believe it! I feel so much more relaxed and safe.”
A.P., London, U.K.

"I wanted to let you know that I have been feeling 100% better since the clearing - thank you".
Peter, Australia

”Since you did the clearing my niece is like a whole new child. No more funny noises at night time either… I have to say thank you very much for all your help.”
B.T., Dublin, Ireland

”We didn’t know who to turn to... thank goodness we found your website. Since Siobhan did the clearing, we are all feeling so much better – what a difference in the house!”
Bill S., Tipperary, Ireland

"I feel absolutely blessed to have found Moonslipper. Our family's health and happiness has improved beyond measure since the leyline relocation and clearing. Thank you so much."
Therese, Mexico City

"Siobhan took a situation in our home that was quickly spinning out of control and turned it around quickly and effectively. Her ability to see the situation and explain to us exactly what we were dealing with was a great comfort. When we returned to the house following the clearing, it felt substantially lighter, friendlier and a lot less foreboding than it had in months. Siobahn's follow up after the fact was excellent as well. I really cannot recommend her highly enough if you are experiencing unwanted paranormal activity."
E A Greene, Atlanta, GA

Testimonial from Afar

I recently rekindled a fascination for writing ghost stories and turned it into a hobby that consumes most of my free time. I write ghost stories, research ghosts and am generally steeped in the paranormal for most of my waking hours now.

"I sit at my kitchen table and think up stories--as scary or bizarre as possible--and madly type them into my laptop. There have been numerous times that I felt I was being 'helped' along. I sensed that perhaps there were some invisible friends looking over my shoulder, giving me ideas. I would laugh it off or make jokes about it, but still, in the back of my mind, I had this feeling . . .

"Then one day, I was sitting in my bedroom typing away on my laptop. I had been making Sunday dinner in between paragraphs and had a nice cherry pie cooling on the stovetop. Suddenly a crash came from the other room. My husband ran to investigate it. The cherry pie had fallen on the floor! We pondered this for a few minutes, because that pie had been left dead center in the middle of the stove. How could it fall off like that? It would have to be flipped, because it landed upside down. After several minutes of staring at each other, trying to find an explanation, we said, "Nah! It couldn't be a ghost," and passed it off.

"A few weeks later, a similar thing happened. This time I was visiting a relative and went into the spare bedroom where it was quiet to work on a story idea I had. Everyone else was in the living room watching TV. The spare bedroom had an adjoining bathroom, was toward the back of the house and very quiet.

"I was writing a story about a man who encountered a ghost while stepping out of his shower, when a crashing noise came from the bathroom. It took a second to register because I was so deeply involved in writing my story and I almost didn't notice the sound. I finished the sentence I was working on and dragged myself to the bathroom to investigate. There in the sink was a picture that had been sitting on a shelf for months, undisturbed. No one had used that bathroom for 2.5 hours. But out of the blue, this picture decides to flip over into the sink. Kind of like it was a very close duplication of the incident I had just been writing about. When I realized this, other things started to click into place and my skin crawled.

"I then realized that this back bedroom had always been very cold and dark feeling and I got this really weird feeling that someone had been there for a very long time, watching me each time I had come to visit. Now that I was writing ghost stories, it knew I was open to communication, so it flipped the picture to say "hi!" The problem was that it was not a bright, cheery hello. It was more of a dark threat and it was living in the corner and over in the bathroom.

"I was so scared, I couldn't sit still. I emailed my friend Deirdre at Moonslipper.com. She was a huge a help and made me feel safe. The next day she did a cleansing on my home and the one I had been visiting. I don't know how she did it, what she did and I don't even come close to understanding it. But it made a big difference. I don't feel surrounded by invisible friends anymore. It's hard to explain but I just feel safer and protected. I don't have that feeling of being visited anymore, either.

"I highly recommend her services, if you're having a problem. I feel better knowing she is there in case I ever need help again."

--B.R. Writer and Webmaster, U.S.A.

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