The Afterlife, Ghosts,
and Spirit Guides

Book Review of
My Son and the Afterlife
by Elisa Medhus, M.D.

This book thoroughly explores the afterlife and follows Dr Medhus' evolution from someone who only believed in science to a whole hearted participant in spiritualism. 

After 20 year old Erik took his own life, his family is grief stricken but almost immediately family members are visited by Erik.  

First Erik visited his father in an unusually vivid dream.  Next he visited his atheist grandfather as a small boy in ghostly form.

His mother, a doctor who has never believed in spiritual things begins researching life after death beginning with scientific literature. 

Through a medium she found a way to connect with her son as well as learn about an afterlife she never believed in before.

Together she and Erik begin to help others connect with their loved ones as well as guide people through tough times in their lives.  Erik explains how things work in the spirit world and the differences between life on earth and life in spirit.

In addition to the conversations between Elisa and Erik, questions by other people are answered by spirit guides through them.

This book is rich with examples of spirit animals visiting people, objects being moved, lost and then found, a ghost or spirit making sounds and sending messages through music, as well children recounting stories from past lives. 

Although the author doesn't refer to her son's appearances as visits by a ghost, that is how most people would describe some of the happenings. 

For example, when Erik visited his grandfather, he appeared as his 4 year old self and climbed onto his grandfather's lap as he had years before as a child.

I found this book to be inspiring, entertaining, and difficult to put down. 

It was particularly interesting to me because Elisa started out as an analytical person with no belief in the spirit world. 

She gives us the titles of scientific books that she consulted when she first considered that the spirit world might actually exist. I look forward to reading some of those books myself.

Some may attribute Elisa's search for Erik through channeling and psychic mediums as desperation driven by grief, but although she endured a debilitating period of grieving, she isn't the only person who experienced contact with Erik.  Indeed, at one point she wondered why Erik appeared to other family members before appearing to her.  In the beginning, even she doubted that what was happening was real. 

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