The Suicide House

by Catherine DeHaven
(Roanoke Virginia)

This strange image was captured using a polaroid instant camera, the photo was taken in June 1992 in Salem Virginia. The image is to the left of the photograph. Many people have remarked an uncanny resemblance to Charles Manson. The property where the house stands is reputedly haunted. Residents who lived in the house have reported sounds of horses galloping down the driveway, sounds of furniture being moved across the floor and strange lights floating about the property. My great grandparents had the house built in the early 20th century and they use to talk about seeing a woman dressed all in white walking along the pathway towards the house. One particular evening both my grandfather and my great-grandfather saw this strange "woman in white" leaving the house and when they inquired to my great-grandmother who her guest was she informed them she had been alone all evening! The day the photograph was taken it was a warm summer afternoon about two weeks after my grandfather killed himself, he was 82 years old. Of the four people present at the house "we" all to some degree or another experienced headaches, feelings of suffocation, and general discomfort I personally felt like I was being watched by something unseen! My grandfather collected and tinkered with old radio's which he had strewn about one of the upstairs rooms when we tried to turn one of the radio's on there was nothing but static and suddenly a voice came over the airwave's that of a man that said "We are not alone".

(Thank you for sharing such a fascinating story and photo - I have goosebumps! ~Siobhan)

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