There is Good and Evil in this world!!

by Donna

I made some changes in my life and I am sure they are the right ones.

Through my years of growing up I was raised in the belief through my Eskimo Heritage of Being able to contact our Ancestors through spiritual- contact. I guess you can say - My Great Grand-father was a Shaman.

I was told through the blood line from generation to generation that certain members of the family may be blessed with this Gift or Curse.

Well My Great Grandparents and all of their descendents are full blooded Eskimo and they all had the gift or curse and my mother has the gift or curse it depends how it works with the person.

My mother had 10 Children and out them only Four have the senses of things you can not see with the naked Eye. I happen to be one of those children that has the sense of things. I don't know if they are ghost I feel or Spirits or Angels or Demons but I do feel them.

I know you may not believe this but that is o.k. I don't expect you too but the people that are close to me and really know me - Know that I am telling the truth.

There are warnings out there that I want to share with people. I made the mistake to use my senses in a way of trying to do Paranormal Studies and it led me to a very bad time in my life.

Ouija Boards are Risky

I tell people now that if you have any source of Ouija Boards in your home - get rid of it. I messed with one and caused me a lot of trouble in my life of being messed with either a ghost or Demons but I am sure its a Demon.


I am not a religious person and never have been - I didn't go to church and I didn't pray to God and Jesus Christ. But after the past 3 years of my life and putting my hands on a damn Ouija Board I have been experiencing some pretty weird things.

Being touched and there is no one there and if you saw that movie Paranormal Activity at the theaters well that is some of the stuff I have experienced. I have learned don't mess with things that you do not understand because sometimes you can open doors that you may not want open. I had enough of my experiences and decided to fight back.

I turned to the Church and a Pastor that is helping through the healing process and with my prayers to God and Jesus Christ - They are helping me fight my Demons.

My life is better now and I don't play with Ouija Boards or any kind of Fortune telling stuff anymore - People don't realize some of that stuff is Real!

It's the ones that don't know what they are doing that get results to make them think it's fake.

My life is better now and I see things with my eyes wide open that Satan and his Demons are out there to trick us and get us to fall for their games.

Be Careful of Bad Spirits

My suggestion: Don't play with anything that has to do with Witch Craft or Fortune Telling and Ouija Boards then you will be o.k.

Satan wants to control you and he will if you allow him too. Not me - I turned to God and Jesus Christ and my Eyes are wide open and I know the Truth and the Truth is in the Word of God.

I'm not going to Preach to you but just to let you know if you haven't experienced things bad or of thing you can't explain then I guess your going to be o.k. Unfortunately some of us are not that Lucky and do feel things that others can't.

Now I know life is going to be o.k. I learned through God and Jesus Christ we can overcome anything if we believe in his Word.

I know some of you might think this is a crazy story and you know if I were you I would probably think the same.

But I lived the experiences and my family and my really close friends knows I am speaking the Truth.

I am not saying you have to become a Religious person or what people may call a Bible Pusher. But believe in God and Jesus Christ and turn to them in your time of need and they will be there with open arms and welcome you.

I am a normal person who just happened to experience things that are unexplainable and what some people may never understand or believe.

Maybe there are some people out there that are afraid to admit some strange things they may have experienced but I am telling you don't be afraid because sometimes things happen to us for a reason and the reason we may never know.

But strange things do happen and admitting it is the first step to figure it out and make some changes in your life to make you aware of things you need to change. From there its up to you.

Just be aware that there are things that happen in this world that can't be explained. Thanks for listening and live life with an open mind and Heart!!

But the story continues after all you have read and what changes I have made in my life hasn't solved the problem and there for awhile I thought going to Church and reading the Bible would free me of what is bothering me or haunting me but even now things are back to what they were and making all the changes in my life... Well hasn't changed the strange experiences I have had and matter fact have got worse over the years and I finally just had to reach deep within myself and take what energy and power I have and stand up and face these strange encounters and now I am learning to deal with what has been harassing me in my Home by just totally trying to ignore it but sometimes that doesn't always work.

The Paranormal or Ghost or Spirits or Demons if they want to make their presence known to you well they can and will - I still experience strange things and sometimes not very pleasant things such as feeling as someone is trying to choke me and once felt major pressure on my leg and my foot being twisted and woke up the next morning and my whole ankle was swollen and I could hardly walk on that foot.

I tried casting out the demon or evil spirit with using sage and praying and using Holy Water and praying and well nothing is working and this thing is so stubborn and just doesn't want to leave my home.

Like I said I have always had senses to things that are not visible to the naked eye but usually they are just curious Ghost or Spirits that just want to be notice or known that they are here and do exist.

I believe that what is bothering me now is what was released through the Ouija Board because once I laid my hands on the board and asking questions - I had the room with no fans and all windows open and it was very hot that night and No breeze what so ever and the room got freezing cold like a door was opened and a cold winter breeze came rushing in to the point that my girlfriend had to put on her jacket and I got so freaked out and said o.k. enough of this and we put the Ouija Board away.

Spirits Are Still Bothering Me, Even When I Travel

Well since that night back in 2008 I am still to this day dealing with something that isn't very nice and I try my best just to block it out at night when I go to bed and sometimes with that and sleeping pills I am able to finally go to sleep otherwise I feel it messing with me non-stop and feeling of someone moving around on my bed and on top of my covers and like someone running their hand down your back to the point it make you jump and like electrical shocks to my body of being hit with a darn Tazer or something of an electric sensation.

But I even notice that when I travel from home and on the second or third day I feel it around me and I am hundreds of miles from home and one time when I went to visit family and I had fallen asleep my brother and sister were sharing a room and they heard like banging on the walls in the room I was in and said what the heck is she doing in there and they were talking and all of a sudden my brother and sister heard a strange moan or growl like right in front of them in the room they were in and they jumped out of bed and ran into the room I was in and woke me up and asked if I was o.k.

I said yes and why, and they told me what they had heard and freaked them both out so bad that my brother refused to go back into the bedroom and sleep that night and my brother isn't afraid of anything.

But hearing that weird voice or growl he was a little freak out. So I guess these things are able to attach themselves to you and go places with you too.

But one never play with Ouija Board unless you want to be visited by a very unwanted guest that you just can't get rid of it and believe me I have tried and nothing has worked so far.

The Ouija Board that I was playing with was a real one and belonged to my friends Great Grandmother who got it from Salem - where they did the famous Witch hangings or burning.

So for your own safety think first before you attempt to contact the other side and ghost or spirits because sometimes there may be some evil spirits or demons waiting to answer your call or walk through that door that you may open!!!

If you would like to write me at this email please feel free - Senses.2011(at) and thanks for your time.

Always Donna
Written by Donna from Wisconsin

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Apr 15, 2016
Some help
by: Anonymous

There are some good Roman Catholic priest deliverance prayers on Google. I read them out loud when I feel the heavy feeling coming. I bought and keep cross necklaces hung in every room in my apartment and religious pictures in each room for inspiration also as a reminder to myself and those things that I'm Gods child. ( a young group of Mormons mentioned to do so) I will play the radio to a Christian music station when I wake up feeling angry and I know the irritability I am sensing is being imposed on me by something else. (A first assembly of God church goer mentioned to do so). I pray the Lord's prayer out loud each night before bed (As they say in the lutherine church I attended a few times). We have to remember that it's not about religion but about believing in God. I've tried explaining the horrible things I've dealt with that went from spiratic to a year of hell on earth that all the demonic scary movies were nothing to the games these things love to torture us with and into believing for fun. Idk why some people such as us have these senses regardless whether it's our hereitage, which I once bet on or its a purpose or the fact that hard heads make a soft ass. But I did my best over that long year to show, and tell and help people to understand how real these things are. I know I was told that angel Michael has fought more battles in the homes that bear the sign "as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord". As adults, men or women if you are single, were made to be the pillars in their homes. But if you move into a place that seems like all hell is breaking out there, it probably is. And all I can say, is some things are just theirs so get out and follow as closely to Jesus as he did when he walked the earth using the bad that happened there as a reminder to. I wish I could tell you I found anyone who could mentor or help, but truth is most who've been thru it are scared to death to help someone else for fear of being attacked. My compassion goes out to you.

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