The Tiger Horoscope for
The Year of the Sheep

The Tiger Horoscope for the 2015 Year of the Sheep tells us this will be an exciting year for the Tiger.

Several years of waiting and careful planning will pay off this year. A new house or job relocation is on the horizon. 

Tigers will feel energetic throughout the year and have many opportunities for travel.

This year will see Tigers being presented with an opportunity to lead, one which they will handle well...

as long as they remember to be compassionate and ease their domineering nature.

The Tiger Horoscope: Career Prospects

Chinese Zodiac TigerSign of the Tiger

Tigers will see the path to their career goals become outlined this year.

They should follow this path and put in any extra effort required.  This tactic will pay off with a possible promotion. 

Work hard to pursue your career goals and take all opportunities to show your bosses how important of an asset you are.

Wealth for the Tiger in 2015

Past frugality is over and the time for celebrating your devotion to your finances is here.

Expensive purchases, such as a new home or car are in the cards for Tigers this year, but be sure any purchases are well planned.

Make no decisions in haste and your money will be well spent.

Relationships for Tigers in 2015

For Tigers who have been putting off a marriage, this is the year!

2015 is a good year for Tigers to marry or to renew their vows.  Additionally, if you have been planning a baby, now is the time.

Unattached Tigers will have a very good chance of finding a life partner this year.

Tigers should spend time volunteering, both as a boost to their mental health and also as a good way to find like-minded new friends.

The Tiger Sign and Health

As long as you maintain your regular exercise and a healthful diet, Tigers will enjoy good health for the entire year.

This Year of the Sheep is a positive and comfortable year for the Tiger’s health.

Tigers will be busy and very active, but it will be worth it.  Rest will be awarded in the future, now is the time for action.

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