Who Would Buy a Haunted House?

I can't imagine who would buy a haunted house, can you? Would you buy one?

You've just acquired a breathtaking home of ancient origin. You are thrilled at your good fortune and move in as quickly as possible.

Amid stacks of boxes and packing crates, you find a long-forgotten box of photographs.

You locate a spot between columns of books and furniture, sit down on the floor and begin rummaging through the images.

You become engrossed in the memories of old friends and distant relatives, enjoying a reunion of sorts.

Around you, the house is silent. 

Lost in your thoughts, you don't notice the imperceptible footsteps coming in from the hall. A furtive tap on your shoulder rips you from the pleasant memories to the menacing realization that someone is in the room with you.

haunted house

You drop the photos in the box and spin completely around. Your skin crawls upon discovering that no one is there.

Whether you inherited the house from a family member or bought it outright, the fact remains that you have a ghost, my friend. According to some, being face to face with the paranormal is not as rare as one might think.

Now it seems that a haunting would be detrimental to a property's value and marketability, and that very few people, if any, would be interested in its purchase. Believe it or not, though, the idea of a paranormal interloper is sweet perfection to some.

In a commercial situation, a haunted property presents unique opportunities. For example: to an inn or bed and breakfast, a haunted property has added appeal and special marketing prospects. Farms and rural properties have excellent potential as theme getaways (ghost hunting weekends) and vacations (haunted campgrounds). Restaurants and nightclubs can become established more quickly if located in a landmark building with historical significance, even if that significance has to be developed and promoted by the tenant.

But really! Who would buy a haunted house?

Well the answers vary. Writers, actors and artists find that their imaginations flourish under such conditions. The psychically gifted may feel a connection to the property. Even a paranormal researcher may want to set up a permanent, ongoing case to forward his research and test new equipment.

With the advent of fantastically successful reality T.V. shows on paranormal investigating, ghosts and haunted houses are currently experiencing a boon, much to the joy of the millions of fans across the world. Because this success is fanning the flames of paranormal popularity, it is also eliminating the stigma of having a belief in ghosts. In fact, skeptics seem to be in the minority. Their tiny, mocking voices are barely audible anymore, silenced by an astounding surge of interest and cheers by armchair believers.

These days, having a resident ghostie on the premises is all the rage and nearly expected in some circles. It seems the days of being labelled 'eccentric' for believing are coming to an end.

With new scientific techniques, man appears closer than ever to the answers to his age-old questions. He is discovering that ghosts are real. And that means there is life after death after all.

But you already knew that, didn't you? 

We're embarking upon an age when science finally catches up with reality.

Please be patient as they fumble with their gadgets. They'll get it!

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